Hongludi Nanshan Fude Temple, New Taipei City

Have you ever wanted to hike, enjoy one of the best views of greater Taipei, visit an open air museum, and fill your spiritual needs; all at the same time? Perfect, because this place exists, and it’s called Hongludi Nanshan Fude Temple (烘爐地南山福德宮). 

Hongludi Nanshan Fude Temple is one of the most popular temples in the Taipei area among locals, but remains quite unknown by foreigners, and thus, you might see some surprised faces from taiwanese as they do not expect to see foreigners there. 

First of all, how to get there! You just have to go to Nanshijiao Station (南勢角站) at the end of the orange line. There are several buses that can take you closer to the destination, some even can bring you all the way to the temple but only pass by a few times a day. But this blog is for those who like adventures, so we are going to do it all walking !

How to get there?


I drew you a little map to show you the way, but you can also use google maps, it’s pretty accurate. You’re gonna have to walk around 20 minutes in the bustling Zhonghe district before you actually reach the hike trail. You can find convenience stores and restaurants in case you want to fill your belly before climbing up the hill. 

What will you see?


The hike on itself is not particularly nice, but what makes it special is what you can find along the way. You’ll get to see a few traditional Minnan houses still inhabited, which is relatively rare in Taipei as most of them have been destroyed for more modern structures. Besides that, there seems to be a few statues factories in the area, and thus, many strange statues are scattered along the trail. You’ll find buddhist statues, roman statues, and even dinosaurs! But the most rewarding is the gigantic statue of the God of Earth and Money (土地公). The statue faces directly the Xinyi Financial district and you will find many businessmen praying for good fortune in the temple situated right at His feet. 

20200706_143240-01 - Copy
20200706_151510-01 - Copy

On the right of the giant statue, you’ll find stairs that will lead you to the highest point of the temple complex, the Nanshan Temple (南山土地公廟). The stairs take you directly inside of the temple full of wonderful wood carvings, golden figurines, incense burners, etc.  I never take pictures of the inside of temples, as I’m afraid of being disrespectful by doing so, but believe me it’s breathtaking.  From outside the temple, you’ll enjoy one of the best panoramic views of Taipei and New Taipei City. Another interesting thing about this place is that there is a food court! Nothing extraordinary, but they have fresh water dispensers, vegetarian options, drinks and even some really nice ice cream. Perfect to have a rest and eat something before going down the mountain.


Overall, this hike isn’t really meant for enjoying nature, but more to walk around the impressive succession of temples, to appreciate those weird statues, and to eat an ice cream while looking at the city and listening to the gongs of the main temple.

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