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Discovering Taiwan: A Guide to 10 Must-Read Blogs for Deeper Insight

Taiwan is a fascinating country with a rich cultural heritage and a unique blend of traditions and modernity. From its vibrant cities to its picturesque landscapes, Taiwan has something to offer for everyone. However, there’s more to this island nation than just its tourist attractions. To truly understand Taiwan, it’s essential to delve deeper into its history, culture, and daily life. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to 10 must-read blogs for deeper insight into Taiwan. Whether you’re a traveler, a student, or simply curious about this amazing country, these blogs will provide you with a wealth of information and a unique perspective. So sit back, grab a cup of tea, and get ready to discover the real Taiwan.

Foreigners in Taiwan

The authors of the blog are US expats who have lived and worked in Taiwan and have gained extensive knowledge about the country. They offer valuable tips and advice for fellow foreigners looking to make the most out of their time in Taiwan. From cultural nuances to must-visit destinations, the blog provides a comprehensive guide to understanding and enjoying life in this vibrant country. The authors are also avid social media users, regularly sharing their discoveries and thoughts on Taiwan, making their blog a valuable resource for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of this fascinating place.

Lao Ren Cha

A must-read for anyone interested in moving to Taiwan, exploring the country, and experiencing life as a foreigner. The author, an American woman based in Taipei, shares her personal insights and experiences as a resident and traveler in Taiwan. From the challenges and joys of adjusting to life in a new culture to her favorite travel destinations, hiking tips, and food adventures, the blog offers a rich and engaging look at this amazing country. Whether you’re a traveler, expat, or just curious about Taiwan, this blog is the perfect starting point for gaining a deeper understanding of this fascinating place.

Tricky Taipei

Your ultimate guide to traveling and living in Taiwan with kids. Written by Kathy Cheng, a writer and creative consultant based in Taipei, the blog covers a wide range of topics related to family life in Taiwan, from culture and design to food and travel. With a focus on helping families make the most of their time in Taiwan, Tricky Taipei offers insightful and engaging content, as well as a vibrant online community on social media. From TV appearances to media coverage in The Guardian and National Geographic Travel, Tricky Taipei is a respected voice in the world of travel and culture in Taiwan. Whether you’re planning a family trip or just curious about what life in Taiwan is like, Tricky Taipei is the place to be.

Spectral Codex

Spectral Codex is a personal blog managed by Alexander Synaptic, a web developer, photojournalist, and multimedia artist based in Taipei, Taiwan. The blog has evolved into a collection of field notes with an emphasis on historical sites, abandoned places, and cultural practices in Taiwan, but also in other places in East and Southeast Asia. Alexander’s mission is to share photos and words that capture the essence of the places he visits and provide a deeper understanding of the world.

Josh Ellis Photography

A blog that showcases the work of a talented photographer who has a passion for capturing the beauty of the world. The photographer’s focus is on landscapes, street photography, and urban exploration, with a special emphasis on showcasing the rich history and culture of Taiwan. The blog features a portfolio of the photographer’s work and provides regular updates on the photographer’s travels, with a focus on highlighting lesser-known tourist destinations and cultural attractions. The blog is also a resource for those interested in learning more about Taiwan, with articles that offer historical, cultural, and travel-related insights and information.

Eating in Taipei

A food-focused blog that provides a comprehensive guide to the delicious cuisine in Taipei, as well as other cities in Taiwan. It is ideal for tourists who want to explore new dining options and try authentic Taiwanese food, or for those living in the city who are eager to improve their Chinese language skills while enjoying mouth-watering meals. The blogger has a lighthearted writing style and provides honest reviews and in-depth details on the food they taste. In addition to food content, the blog features a few articles related to travel, offering a glimpse into the local food culture and its unique offerings.

Taiwan Trails and Tales

This blog is the ultimate resource for outdoor enthusiasts exploring the trails and mountains of Taiwan. Written by a British woman and her Taiwanese partner, who have been documenting their adventures since 2016, the blog offers valuable hiking tips, breathtaking photography, and an inside look at Taiwan’s rich array of outdoor activities. Whether you’re interested in high peaks, river tracing, multi-day hikes, scenic forests, rock climbing or anything else, this site is the perfect guide to help plan your next Taiwan adventure.

Nihao’s It Going?

A blog that delves into the political and societal landscape of the country. The blog offers a unique perspective and provides an insight into the challenges and experiences of navigating the political and work environments as an outsider. In addition to thought-provoking discussions, the blog is also known for its witty and humorous memes, making it a go-to source for a balanced look at life in Taiwan.

Attorney on a Journey

Discover the captivating charm of Taiwan with this travel and lifestyle blog. From breathtaking landscapes to insider tips, this guide offers a comprehensive tour of the country. The author, a former attorney turned life and career coach, lends a fresh perspective to travel writing and provides invaluable advice on making life in Taiwan easier.

My Life Abroad

A travel blog that offers a unique perspective on life in Taiwan. From exploring the country’s beautiful landscapes, to sharing tips on learning Chinese, this blog is a must-read for anyone looking to experience Taiwan from a different angle. With Ε»aneta’s personal stories about living in Taiwan, from her experience with interracial marriage to raising a bilingual child, this blog provides an insightful and honest look at the challenges and joys of life in Taiwan. And for those who love food, the blog also features delicious Taiwanese recipes

Taiwan is a fascinating country with a rich history, culture, and modern society that is well worth exploring. The ten blogs highlighted in this article provide a wealth of information and personal perspectives on what life is like in Taiwan, from food and travel to politics and culture. Whether you are planning a trip to Taiwan, or simply interested in learning more about this island nation, these blogs are a great place to start. So dive in and discover the rich and vibrant world of Taiwan, one blog post at a time.

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