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EasyCard – Taiwan’s Contactless Smartcard

EasyCard is a convenient and popular option for those who travel in Taiwan. It is a contactless smartcard that can be topped up with money and used for various types of transportation and purchases. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the EasyCard, including what it is, where it can be used, where to buy it, how to top it up, and how to get a refund before you leave Taiwan.

All you can do with an easycard in Taiwan

What is an EasyCard?

EasyCard is a contactless smartcard that is widely used in many cities around Taiwan. The card is essentially a rechargeable electronic wallet that can be used for purchasing various goods and services, including transportation. The card is often referred to as the “Yoyo card” by Taiwanese, coming from the Mandarin name of the card (悠遊卡 – ㄧㄡ ㄧㄡˊ ㄎㄚˇ).

3 different easycards

Taiwan has traditionally been a cash-oriented society, with many establishments only accepting physical currency. However, since the turn of the millennium, the EasyCard Corporation has made significant efforts to promote a cashless society. As a result, an increasing number of businesses in Taiwan are gradually embracing this alternative payment method.

Where can you use an EasyCard?

EasyCard can be used in several locations throughout Taiwan. In Taipei, it can be used on the following types of transportation: MRT (metro), city buses, YouBikes (public bike-sharing system), and Maokong Gondola.

easycard symbol

When traveling throughout Taiwan, you can look for the EasyCard symbol to confirm if the card is accepted at a specific location. Some places where EasyCard is accepted include; convenience stores, Taiwan Railways, intercity buses, tourist shuttle buses, ferry services, various MRT systems (Kaohsiung, Taichung, and Taoyuan), lockers in MRT stations, museums, art galleries, sports centers, vending machines, car parks, and certain stores and restaurants.

Where to buy an EasyCard

EasyCard can be purchased from several places, including the airports, MRT stations, and convenience stores.

  • At the airport, you can buy an EasyCard from the Taoyuan Airport MRT service booths in either terminal.
  • Most MRT stations in Taipei have machines where you can purchase an EasyCard.
  • Convenience stores, such as 7-11, Family Mart, Hi-Life, and OK Mart, also sell the cards. Plus, they offer a wide variety of designs.

The cost of an EasyCard is NT$100, but no credit is included. If you buy your card at the airport, you will have the option to purchase one with either NT$200 or NT$400 credit included.

EasyCards are also a ubiquitous form of promotional material that are commonly distributed at events such as conferences, exhibitions, and trade shows throughout the year. It’s not uncommon for individuals to accumulate a substantial collection of these cards over time.

How to top up your EasyCard

EasyCard can be topped up at MRT stations and convenience stores. Topping up can be done using notes or coins, and the process is straightforward.

MRT service booth

At MRT stations, simply place your EasyCard on the pad at the top-up machine, insert your money, and tap the ‘Next’ and ‘Confirm’ buttons on the screen. You can also top it up at the MRT Information Desks, this is better if you only have large bills and only want to top up your card with a smaller amount, as the top-up machine doesn’t give change.

MRT easycard top-up machine

At convenience stores, simply ask the person behind the counter that you want to top up your EasyCard with the amount you want.

Note that EasyCard can only be topped up with cash, it cannot be topped up with credit card for example.

Note also that you are allowed to go NT$60 in credit so you can comfortably take a ride on the MRT, even if you only have a remaining balance of NT$5 on your card.

How to get a refund for your EasyCard

If you no longer need your EasyCard, you can get a refund for the remaining credit on the card. To do this, you need to return the card to any MRT station, convenience store that sells EasyCards, or at the airport. Your remaining credit will be given back minus a NT$20 service fee.

More information

If you’re looking for more information on Taiwan’s EasyCard, you can visit the website of the EasyCard Corporation, which is available in English.

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