5 best Instagram accounts for learning Taiwanese Mandarin

Are you looking to improve your Chinese skills and immerse yourself in the language and culture? Instagram can be a valuable resource for language learners, providing an opportunity to connect with native speakers and learn from authentic content. In this article, we have curated a list of the five best Instagram accounts to follow if you want to learn Mandarin Chinese from Taiwan. From language tips and vocabulary to cultural insights and daily conversation, these accounts offer a diverse range of content to help you on your language learning journey. All offer their content in traditional Chinese and give you insight about what life in Taiwan is like. So, whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, these Instagram accounts can be a great addition to your language learning toolbox.

Taiwan chinese intagram accounts


Estala’s Instagram account provides a rich and diverse range of content, with a special emphasis on Taiwanese expressions, local holidays, and travel destinations. What’s particularly impressive is that the majority of her Chinese content includes annotations in both Bopomofo and Pinyin, making it accessible to learners of all kinds. Whether you’re looking to improve your language skills or gain a deeper understanding of Taiwanese culture and society, Estala’s account is a valuable resource that offers both. With its wealth of information and engaging content, following Estala on Instagram is a real treasure for anyone interested in Taiwan and the Chinese language.


Cecilia, like Estela, is a great source of valuable content that can help you navigate life in Taiwan with ease. She annotates all her Chinese vocabulary with both Bopomofo and Pinyin. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, Cecilia’s Instagram account is a treasure trove of practical information that can help you handle real-life situations in Chinese, such as ordering food or buying a decaf at Starbucks. With her engaging content and useful insights, following Cecilia on Instagram is a smart choice for anyone looking to improve their Chinese language skills and enhance their daily life in Taiwan.


Cathy’s Instagram account is a treasure trove of daily Chinese vocabulary, expressions, and grammar. It’s a must-follow for anyone looking to learn something new on a regular basis. What’s particularly great is that all her content is available in both traditional and simplified Chinese. However, if you’re planning on coming to Taiwan, it’s recommended that you focus on the traditional characters. Cathy’s engaging and informative posts are perfect for learners of all levels, and with her daily dose of new vocabulary and grammar, you can steadily improve your Chinese language skills.


Grace’s Instagram posts are dedicated to a single vocabulary or expression, making it a great option for those who prefer to learn Chinese in small, easy-to-digest pieces. Her content is also available in both traditional and simplified Chinese. Furthermore, Grace also has a YouTube account where she shares longer and more comprehensive lessons, providing a well-rounded learning experience for her followers.

Miss Lin

Miss Lin’s Instagram account is a valuable resource for those planning to live in Taiwan, as she shares Chinese vocabulary that is particularly relevant and useful for daily life in the country. Her content is presented in traditional Chinese and includes annotations in both Bopomofo and Pinyin. In addition, Miss Lin also has her own podcast, which is an excellent tool for improving your Chinese listening skills. With her engaging and informative content, Miss Lin offers a well-rounded language learning experience that can help you become more comfortable and confident using Chinese in your daily life.

These five Instagram accounts are exceptional resources for anyone looking to improve their Taiwanese Mandarin language skills. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, each of these accounts provides valuable content that can help you develop your vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension. With daily lessons, practical tips, and engaging posts, these accounts offer a fun and immersive language learning experience.

And if you’re looking for extra tips and resources about traveling and living in Taiwan, don’t forget to follow our own Instagram account.

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