How far is Taiwan from China?

The island of Taiwan is separated from the southeast coast of mainland China by the Taiwan Strait. Geographically speaking, the Taiwan Strait ranges from 220 kilometers (140 miles) at its widest point to 130 kilometers (81 miles) at its narrowest.

The Taiwan Strait, which acts as a natural boundary, has played a significant role in shaping the region’s geography and history. It is important to note that the strait is not a deep body of water, with depths of no more than 100 meters (330 feet). In fact, during glacial periods, the Taiwan Strait has even acted as a land bridge connecting Taiwan to mainland China.

In addition to the distance between Taiwan and mainland China, it is worth mentioning the proximity of two Taiwanese islands, Kinmen and Matsu, to the southeastern coast of mainland China.

Kinmen, also known as Quemoy, is an island located just off the coast of Fujian Province in China. It is the closest Taiwanese territory to mainland China, with the shortest distance between Kinmen and the Chinese mainland being a mere 2 kilometers (1.2 miles). Due to its proximity, Kinmen has played a significant role in the historical and military dynamics between Taiwan and China.

Similarly, Matsu, another group of islands under the jurisdiction of Taiwan, is situated in the East China Sea, close to the Chinese mainland. The distance between Matsu and mainland China varies depending on the specific location, but it is generally around 19 kilometers (12 miles) at its closest point. Like Kinmen, Matsu has witnessed strategic and geopolitical significance throughout history due to its proximity to mainland China.

These two sets of islands, Kinmen and Matsu, hold unique positions in the Taiwan-China relationship due to their geographic proximity to mainland China. They have experienced distinct historical and cultural influences as a result of their close proximity to the Chinese mainland.

While the distance between Taiwan and mainland China is broader and varies between 130 and 220 kilometers (81 to 140 miles) across the Taiwan Strait, the distances between Kinmen and Matsu and mainland China are notably shorter, making them geographically distinct areas within the broader context of Taiwan-China relations.

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